Cotton Bed Linen: what is the best cotton for bed linen

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Are you looking for cotton bed linen in India, Egyptian cotton bed linen, or just a cheap 100% cotton bed linen? If so then you have just landed on the right place. This page will provide a quick but useful overview of this type of Linen and things so you would know where to find what you are looking for. Let me not waste much time for those looking to buy at affordable prices. Simple click here and you will be taken to one of the best place for shopping online - ever! I will explain this a bit later.

Supposedly every one knows what cotton is, I choose not to make that assumption and instead provide an overview about cotton. Cotton is a soft, shrubby, staple fiber that grows around the seeds of the cotton and is a member of the Mallow family. It is harvested from the cotton plant, is somewhat flammable, especially lighter cottons that hold a lot of air and is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world. Most of the world's cotton is grown in the United States of America, China, Uzbekistan and India. Cotton can be recycled to make a more earth-friendly choice in cotton bed linen.

What is the best cotton bed linen?

It is a fact that consumers have become wise and more demanding. If you are one of these demanding consumers then you've probably gotten in to the trend of stdying the specifications for cotton bedding as closely as any other household items. So let me try and me clear on what is the best cotton bed linen.

Of course the first thing that makes cotton bed linen the best is its 100% fabric. When looking for a best buy just make sure that you find one that is chemical free like the 100% brushed cotton flannel bed linen. Whether it's a Cotton bed linen India, or the label says Egyptian cotton bed linen, do take time to ensure that it is the quality you are looking for.

For example, a good Egyptian cotton bed linen should have at least a 400 thread count, the yarn should have a long staple well combed fibres that gives it strength and durability, whilst remaining soft and luxurious to the touch. You can also buy one made from a fabric known as Egyptian cotton percale and has a minimum thread count of 200 threads per square inch ,but can be as high as 500 plus

Let's face it, In the world of bedding linen, the Egyptian linens are considered the best in the industry. This is because the linen is not only soft but also has incredibly high quality texture and also provides a luxurious feeling of cool comfort. Furthermore, Egyptian cotton bed linen is made from fine, 100% Egyptian combed cotton from the Nile delta region and a 100% Egyptian bed linen made of cotton can last for decades with proper care.

You can also buy a 200 thread count organic cotton bed linen and you will get the strength you may be looking for and because it is organic, it's also soft enough as well. You can check out the Galipette pure cotton bed linen, which is seductively fresh and can find a cheap one reduced by up to 40% in some online shops . I usually recommend buying from but you can choose you own store to buy from - just make sure it has the largest database to choose from, accommodates other third party sellers and have prices that appeal to a wider spectrum of the population. I mean from those looking for a cheap 100% cotton bed linen to an expensive one. Amazon offers all of that but I am sure they are not the only ones online. Yes, do buy online.

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